In good hands at Berlichingen.

We handle all activities on your behalf in the fields of accountancy and taxation, allowing you to spend more time on your key professional or private interests.

Amongst other areas of expertise, our core competences comprise the following fields of activities:

We prepare the payroll and salary statements of your employees and also handle your financial accounting based on analog or digital records.

In addition, we take care of ongoing payment transactions as well as any dunning letters or reminders required from time to time.

Assistance with audits by social insurance institutions as well as the fiscal authorities likewise constitutes part of our field of activities.

We develop the annual financial or income statements based on the financial accounting prepared by you or by us.
We prepare all types of business and private tax returns for you. In any disputes with fiscal authorities, we take care of out-of-court and judicial redress proceedings.
In dialogue with you, we prepare tax projections and determine your appropriate tax prepayments if needed. In this way, you will be informed ahead of time of any back payments due or refunds expected, rather than being unpleasantly surprised by tax assessment notices.
We take care of tax and business management-related overall assessments of your company and provide assistance with liquidity planning, controlling, investments and financing acquisitions.
We assist you with acquisitions and sales of companies or parts thereof and are pleased to be your first contact for auditors, banks and investors alike.
We organise shareholder changes, succession solutions and restructuring measures, inspect corporate agreements, handle fiduciary activities, the administration of deceased estates as well as the execution of last wills and testaments.

As you can see, we have a great deal to offer as far as giving you advice and assistance in tax-related matters is concerned. Your requirements are our benchmark – and your satisfaction is our primary objective

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