Good fortune and happiness multiply when generously shared.

Many members of the Berlichingen team are parents who are delighted with their small or big children and thankful for each day on which their offspring are healthy and happy. We therefore wish to express our gratitude by sharing our happiness with children who are less fortunate and who will benefit from our support. Within the means at our disposal, we sponsor institutions that help children along their path into life, but also those on their final journey. This is why we have been passionately engaged in supporting the Children’s Hospice Sternenbrücke and the German Red Cross for many years.

Also close to our heart is the sponsoring of children and youth culture and, associated with that, the expansion of cultural diversity in the beautiful Hanseatic City of Hamburg. We support the Hamburg Cultural Foundation and the Hamburg Civic Foundation with their art-related youth development projects and numerous cultural projects. Please refer to the following web pages to gain a first impression of the work done by these foundations: and

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